Narrative Therapy

We remember our life in stories which are the foundation for our sense of identity and meaning. Our memory is selective, though, and which stories are most prominent in our minds is often decided by the contexts of our life. We have learned ways to think about ourselves which are dominated by cultural and societal rules and discourses. What does it mean to be “a real man” or “a good wife?” What influence does a problem or a traumatic event have on the way we view ourselves? In Narrative Therapy we will evaluate the story lines that have become dominant in your life and find those that have been buried. We will also shine a light on the context that has let some of your stories influence your sense of identity more than others. Bringing justice to your Full Story can put your strengths into clear focus and allow you to envision and pursue your own preferred life. It is a wonderful sense of freedom to be able to have conversations with yourself that are guided by true self worth and appreciation and where you are in charge of how your life stories shape the way you think about yourself.