First Steps

Please send me your info and phone number via email or call or text me at 415-744-4614.  We can then speak about what you are looking for in therapy and set up an initial appointment.

In the initial appointment we will speak more about your reasons for seeking psychotherapy at this specific point in time. This appointment will give you a chance to meet me in person and get an idea of how it will feel to work with me. We will also address your goals and hopes for therapy. It will furthermore give me a chance to evaluate whether I think I can help you.

If we decide to continue working together after the initial appointment, we will speak in more detail about your goals and I will make suggestions how we can work toward them in therapy. We will work on an achievable plan and steps toward realizing this plan. I am confident that if you get to this point and you dedicate yourself to your plan you will be able to achieve your therapy goals!